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4 Tips to Reduce MRI Fears

If the doctor orders an MRI test, you likely have an abundance of anxiety and concern. Not only is your health in question at first thought, it is scary to think about being inside of the big machine during the scan. Many people face worry when they need advanced MRI imaging in Toms River but the four tips below can minimize some of the woes and ensure that you complete the procedure without worry.

Breathing Techniques

Using breathing techniques during an MRI can lessen claustrophobia and better control anxiety and fear. If you start to feel stressed out or worried during the scan, use the breathing techniques and worries are gone! Breathing through your nose is one of the best ways to control breathing and reduce anxiety.


Meditation can take some practice, but if it is a strategy that you’ve used to cope in the past, this is one time to put it to use. It is also beneficial to begin learning how to meditate if you don’t know already.   Meditation helps you control your thought patterns and breathing during this procedure.

Listen to Music

Bring along your iPod loaded with your favorite songs and turn it on once you’re inside the machine. Close your eyes and rejoice in the music, making certain that you do not move any time during the procedure.


advanced MRI imaging in Toms River

Anxiety medications are available for patients with severe worry or claustrophobia per the procedure. Ask your doctor about one of these medications before the procedure. Additionally, OTC anxiety relief solutions are available, including those found at natural food and supplement markets.

An MRI can be scary, although it is designed to protect your health. Do not miss the benefits this scan offers due to your fears. Instead, use the tips above to minimize fears and get your testing completed.